Attempts at Comet Lovejoy: A timelapse

On January 16/17, 2015, I went to Glen Major again, and set up my telescope the same way.

I tried looking for the comet using my camera at 300 mm zoom, but to no avail. The comet was nowhere to be seen. It was frustrating for me to not see the comet, but it wasn’t meant to be. Therefore, I decided to let my camera image a number of frames of the sky and back home, I would combine them together to create a startrails image.

At this time, I wanted to try finding the comet using the wide-angle lens, but I wan’t finding it and the clouds were coming over. Therefore, I decided to pack up and go home. Just before I left, I looked up again, and saw that the sky cleared up again. It was unfortunate, but I was ready to leave.

The session was successful. I got a timelapse image, but I didn’t get image the comet like I wanted to. Hopefully, I get a second chance at it. For now, here is the image, and the videos that came from it.


139 frames: 20″, f/4, ISO 1600


Keep Looking Up. You never know what you will find up there.



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