Astronomical Events for July 2014

Hello everybody,

Here are the astronomical events occurring in the month of July: (All times are given in UTC format)

       Astronomical Events

  • July 4: Earth reaches Aphelion, which is when the Earth is farthest from the sun along its orbit. It will take place at 2:00 with a distance of 152,098,232 km.
  • July 4: At 3:00, Pluto reaches opposition.
  • July 5: 1 Ceres and 4 Vesta are 10 arcseconds apart, which means they appear to be REALLY CLOSE to each other! Check it out. It will be at the constellation Virgo.
  • July 6: The Moon will occult Mars at ~1:21. It is best viewed in South America.
  • July 8: The Moon will occult Saturn at ~2:25. It is best viewed in Argentina and Chile.
  • July 12: Mercury reaches maximum elongation at 20.9 degrees west of the Sun. It will be shining at a magnitude of +0.4.
  • July 12: The Full Proxigean Supermoon will occur in 2014 at 11:27. It reaches the Full phase 21 hrs before reaching its perigee. This is the first of three supermoons this year.
  • July 20: Asteroid 451 Patientia will occult a +7.1 magnitude star at approximately 17:15. It is best viewed in South Africa.’
  • July 28: The moon reaches its farthest apogee for 2014 at 3:28. The moon will be 406,568 km from Earth at that time.
  • July 30: Asteroid 103 Hera occults a +6.1 magnitude star at approximately 1:11. It is best viewed in west Africa or central South America.
  • July 30: The Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor shower will peak at this time. The timing is variable, but there is a waxing Moon, which means it will set early for the meteor shower. The Moon will be four days from its New phase.


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