Astronomical Events for November 2014

Hello everybody,

Here are the astronomical events occurring in the month of November: (All times are given in UTC format)

       Astronomical Events

  • November 1: Mercury reaches its greatest elongation at 18.7 degrees West of the Sun. It will have a brightness at magnitude -0.5. This is the best time to see Mercury in 2014, for observers in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • November 18: Leonoid meteor shower will peak at this time. It is best seen in the Altantic region. The moon will be in a waning crescent phase, which means the Moon’s light will not obstruct the meteor shower.
  • November 20: Asteroid 3 Juno will occult a +7.4 magnitude star. It is best seen in North-eastern US and Eastern Canada.
  • November 27: Moon will have its farthest perigee of 2014 at 369,824 km at 23:12.

Happy Observing!




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