Astronomical Events for August 2014

Hello everybody,

Here are the astronomical events occurring in the month of April: (All times are given in UTC format)

       Astronomical Events

  • August 2: Mercury and Jupiter will be in close conjunction. Both planets will be 0.9 degrees apart at 19:00.
  • August 4: The Moon will occult Saturn, which will be best viewed at Australia at approximately 10:31.
  • August 10: The moon will be at its closest for 2014 at 17:44. It will be 356,896 km at perigee. This will be the second Supermoon for 2014, which will reach the full phase 27 minutes after perigee.
  • August 13: The Perseid meteor shower will peak at approximately 4:00. It will be best viewed in the Atlantic region. However, there will be a 17 day old waning Gibbous Moon that will be obstructing the view.
  • August 18: Venus and Jupiter will be in conjunction at 5:00. This will be the closest conjunction of and two naked eye planets in 2014. They will be 15 arcminutes apart, which is rare.
  • August 25: The Moon will be in its New Phase. This will be the best time to view any Deep Sky Object.
  • August 29: Neptune will be at Opposition with the Earth. This means that it will appear its largest and be at its closest to Earth. However, since it is quite far away, it will be a tiny dot in a sea of stars. It will be at 14:00 at magnitude +7.8, which is quite dim. Have your best telescopes ready for this!
  • August 31: The Moon occults Saturn at approximately 18:59. It is best viewed in Africa or in the US, but it will be during the day at the US.



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